Why we are known as pioneers

  • Famous professors and instructors for Pre-IG & IGCSE students.
  • Comprehensive curriculum under the supervision of professional management.
  • Limited number of students in each class.
  • Developing students’ physical, mental, spiritual and emotional characters.
  • Dealing and communicating with all students as unique individuals.
  • Recognizing students’ differences and individual talents.
  • Fostering cooperation and team work.
  • Offering a well-rounded education emphasizing academic achievement.
  • Providing full school day schedule with library, sports, arts and other activities for motivational purposes.
  • Variety of selective different courses.
  • Arabic, religion and social studies classes along with the I.G.C.S.E curriculum.
  • Provides a foundation for higher level courses and offers a flexible course of study that gives teachers and candidates the potential to tailor the curriculum appropriately for them.
  • Some of the subjects taken are considered an introduction to the main subject that should be widely studied at the university stage.
  • Interesting subjects, expose the students to depend on logical thinking and analysis.
  • Wide opportunities for improving the same subject more than once.
  • Qualified assistants for each subject to follow up and support the student to achieve extra standard levels.
  • Provide rewarding experiences for students.
  • Reliable record attainment, which counts towards entry to universities around the world.
  • Continuous follow up through advanced and effective way of communication “E-connect system” which will help the parents to be in regular contact with the school messages, reports, student performance and everything as and when required.
  • Regular meetings between parents and professors.
  • Proceeding with great accomplishments to reinforce deeper religious and ethical attitudes.


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Why We are Pioneers

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