What is the IGCSE

International General Certificate of Secondary Education or I.G.C.S.E secondary education is undergoing significant changes in many parts of the world, reference to the aim of improving the quality of education and its suitability for each student. Teachers and educators have expressed the need for a wider curriculum specifically tailored to international needs reference to an assessment system appropriate for all students of all abilities. After extensive consultation with international educationalists, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (I.G.C.S.E) was developed to meet and exceed further requirements.

I.G.C.S.E provides a curriculum and methods of assessment appropriate for a wide ability range. It was designed as a two – year curriculum program and three – year program in Egypt leads to a certificate that is internationally recognized as equivalent in standard to the British G.C.S.E and international G.C.E


What is the IGCSE

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