School History

* The American Division at AL-Bashaer was founded in Septemper 2002 , and it was CITA accredited in November 2004 .

* We believe in the whole individual , his complete character and his well rounded personality. It is essential that each student is encouraged to exercise every aptitude he prossesses from an early age . Full student participation at every level of activity is emphasized .


* The purpose of our division is to provide a superior standard of education to foster academic achievements and to cultivate an Islamic spirit in each child. We seek to provide firm foundations to produce responsible citizens and accomplished human beings who demonstrate such virtues as integrity, caring,openness, sharing and friendship.


– Developing every student’s potential .

– Group and interactive education .

– Involvement in projects and researches related to the curriculum .

– Hands on experience instead of memorizing without applying and understanding .

– Critical thinking .

– Reqular and serious evaluation of students .