1Rehab A. Wahed is our Middle School Educational Director. She embodies what we encourage most at Al-Bashaer, affording our dedicated staff full opportunity to rise in rank from within. Rehab is a seasoned veteran with over 20 years of experience in education. She holds a Bachelor of Alsun from Ain Shams University, French Department. Ms. Rehab began her educational career at Al Bashaer as a French teacher. During her tenure, her vision, awareness, and effective communication with staff, students, and parents alike ascended her in rank to the position of French Senior. In this position, she continued to show her efficiency through curriculum planning, selection of top teachers, and assuring maximum output from the French Department. She continued her ascension through the ranks until she earned her current position  Middle School Educational Director. Wearing this hat, she now approves recruitment plans, prepares promotion and developmental plans, monitors teachers’ performance, and maintains oversight of the seniors. She also communicates with outside governmental authorities to keep the entire educational process oiled and running smoothly. In addition to this all, Ms. Rehab keeps herself abreast with the latest educational concepts, and has earned her DELF diploma, TEFL certification, and has completed teaching strategies and leadership skills workshops keeping her constantly in the know.


2Manal Soliman has been working with Al Bashaer School for approximately 10 years.  She began her teaching career over 15 years ago as an English teacher.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the American University in Cairo.  She also holds an English teacher certification from Trinity College, UK and a teacher trainer certification from Kagan Publications, USA.  During her career, she has trained, coached and supervised many teachers, covering topics such as teaching methodologies, curriculum mapping and design, and critical thinking skills.  In addition, Ms. Manal takes regular opportunity for self-improvement and has taken numerous courses in other fields such as coaching and parenting. She is currently completing her master’s degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the American University of London.


3Nahed Salah ElDin is a Science Senior and Teacher with us here at Al Bashaer Schools. She has nearly 35 years of experience in education. Ms. Nahed began her educational career as a Science and Chemistry teacher. She holds a bachelor’s of Science from Cairo University, and both a general diploma in Education and a specialized diploma in Management and Compared Education from Helwan University. Having held the positions of Chemistry teacher, Control Director, and Science Supervisor for primary, preparatory, and secondary stages, Ms. Nahed was a successful and experienced professional even before arriving to us. She is now our Science Senior and teacher, and we haven’t ceased to benefit from Ms. Nahed’s wisdom and wealth of experience.


4Abir Zein is our Elementary School French Senior. She has over 19 years of experience in the education and administration fields. Ms. Abir holds a French diploma “Alliance Française” (DAF(, a diploma in Mathematics & Sciences and a Bachelor of Alsun from the French Department of Ain Shams University.  She began her professional career as a French English Translator for the Ministry of Education Media Office. She dedicated herself  to this position for over 10 years, all the while continuing her personal and professional development both in and outside of this position, before arriving to us at Al-Bashaer School. Now approaching 10 years with us, Ms. Abir currently holds the position of Elementary School French Supervisor. She is constantly updating herself, and has completed numerous trainings and workshops, including  analytical psychology, teaching a foreign language training, leadership skills, and human development trainer certification, to name a few.


5Ola Adel is our Islamic Studies and Character Building Supervisor. She has 15 years of experience in this regard. She holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce from Helwan University, as well as English training and certification from the American University in Cairo and the British Council in Cairo. However, what is most unique about Ms. Ola is her 6 year experience as an Islamic Studies teacher in the USA, teaching in the bustling city of Raleigh, North Carolina. As a result, she comes with a well-rounded wealth of first-hand experience and hands-on application having taught Islam and Character Building to a target English-speaking population, from which our students benefit greatly.


6Gihan Abdel Aziz is a graduate from the Faculty of Alsun, Ain Shams University. She also holds a Microsoft Diploma from Swindon University in England. Ms. Gihan has nearly 30 years of experience both as a teacher and supervisor in the Computer/Advanced IT field. She keeps herself up-to-date with all the advancements in the computer field, and has even earned awards in this regard. She is a leader, an organizer, a team collaborator, and a rich resource for both staff and students alike.


7Samah Sabahi is the Elementary Stages Educational Director. She is a graduate of Helwan University’s Faculty of Education, Math Department.  Ms. Samah has over eighteen years of experience as a Math teacher, seven of which she was a Math supervisor over both the primary and preparatory stages (primary 1 through prep 3). She has constantly proven her range of professional expertise, toggling between managerial responsibilities and maintaining communication and approachability for both staff and students alike. She is a valuable resource at Al Bashaer.


8Aya Bahaa Eldin is our German Supervisor and a teacher. She has a BA in German language from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Alsun. She also Ms. Aya has over 22 years of experience as a German teacher and supervisor.  She also attends regular trainings and workshops through the well-renowned Goethe Institute, and has attended courses in Göttingen, Blankenrath, Meissen, and Dusseldorf, Germany, just to mention a few. Through the likes of this, Ms. Aya doesn’t only share her joy of the German language with our students, but also provides them with a genuine experience by which they thrive.


9Heba Aly is our French Senior and also a teacher. She holds a Bachelors of Education from Ain Shams University, French Department. Ms. Heba was raised speaking French, attending the famous Lycée Français de Bab El Louk from elementary through secondary. She also holds a DELF certificate. Ms. Heba regularly attends trainings and workshops, keeping abreast with the latest managerial and teaching techniques. She has over 17 years of experience as a French supervisor and teacher. She is a French natural and a valuable asset to our students.


10Samar Hussein is the Social Studies in Arabic Supervisor. She graduated with a BA in Social Studies, Geography Department. Ms. Samar has nearly thirty years of experience, both inside and outside of Egypt. Sixteen years of her experience was gained in Oman as a Social Studies teacher, then Coordinator, and reaching the level of Social Studies Director. She was also an activities supervisor. In Egypt, she has 11 years of experience as a preparatory and secondary Social Studies teacher. She is currently the Social Studies supervisor for both our international and national schools.


11Arabic Senior

يتميز الأستاذ احمد موافي بإدارة قسم اللغة العربية  بالحكمة و المرونة علما بأنه بإخلاصه العالي  و ضميره الحي استطاع أن يضيف روح من التميز و الارتقاء لم تكن معهودة