Years of Success

IGCSE DIVISION was established in September 2001 in the district of Mokatum.

  In September 2008 the IGCSE DIVISION moved to the new prestigious campus located in Zahraa El-Maadi close to Carrefour.


The IGCSE DIVISION offers multifaceted academic programmes, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, an excellent caring and enthusiastic staff, along with excellent highly motivated students.
The key elements to attain success include energy and motivation to learn, a creative mind to explore your interests and goals, and a determined will to connect and understand both classmates and teachers.
In Al-Bashaer School we work together to provide all students with a caring environment in which learning, cooperation, self esteem and success are valued and encouraged, thus enabling students to achieve their maximum development potential. We challenge our students to take personal responsibility for their education and to apply their learning to a diverse and changing world. What is more, we compete among ourselves as others in the field are not strong enough rivals. Bashaer International Schools hold events between the schools. These events involve both staff and students.
Also we provide a challenging educational program on a strong university preparatory curriculum to promote intellectual curiosity, to develop the potential of students by encouraging them to participate in a diverse and full range of school activities, to nurture in each student feelings of self confidence and pride in accomplishment and to create in each student an awareness of a world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands in which continuing education throughout adult life will be a normal expectation.

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