History & Structure

If you are keen to provide your children with a genuine culture   and ethical values of our Egyptian Islamic society, in addition  to a distinctive international education,  Al Bashaer
Schools is the place you are looking for.

    Al Bashaer Schools,  were founded in 1994, and cover five educational levels starting from Preschool & Kindergarten up to Secondary. Starting Primary 6 boys and girls are segregated .

   The national division is located in New Maadi. It has been built on approximately 2850 square meters. The school is built according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education with proper measures and standards of educational buildings, following the earthquake standards, as well.                

   Since Sept.2006 the International division is located in Zahraa Al-Maadi (Carrefour area) nearly 5 km from the national school.
Surfaces for classes, laboratories, libraries, resource rooms, computer labs, mosques and other areas are established in accordance with the authorized measures of educational buildings.