Educational Programs and Curriculum (Common Core State Standard)

The American Division at Al Bashaer offers a challenging and research based curriculum. Employs instructional strategies and learning activities based on clearly defined expectations for student learning and that are subject to review and revise at regular intervals. Active involvement of students is fostered and opportunities to gain essential knowledge and skills in each content area are provided. The curriculum is well defined and includes essential knowledge and skills. There are written curriculum guides for most subject areas at all grade levels included in the school.

Teachers and administrators are diligent in their efforts to embody a variety of teaching techniques to accommodate different student learning styles. Students are active learners in the classrooms and appear to be thriving on the American style of learning.
Students have sufficient textbooks and additional supplementary learning materials provided to allow them to capitalize on various learning styles and teaching techniques in use. Teachers employ a variety of classroom assessments that provide feedback to students regarding their levels of achievement.
Students receive 7 hours a day of teaching and interaction.
Academic progress reporting for students is done through daily assessment and assignments, weekly quizzes, periodic projects and researches and quarterly exams

 Educational Programs Method

1-Al-Bashaer American Division is following Common Core State Standard, and following a scale of set in advance bench marks that are then introduced in the form of a syllabus breakdown, instructing the process of explanation, assessment and cross- curricular throughout the scholastic year .
-The curriculum is reviewed and revised on an on going basis
-The Communicative approach together with the deductive methods of teaching are applied, in which all the learning skills are integrated
-Practical application of the syllabus is promoted in all subjects
-The curriculum include a set of essential knowledge and skills in each content area.
-Teachers and support staff make use of the curriculum alignment, such as, course description and support materials which are consistently used.
-Different methods of instruction are applied to ensure the students’ involvement.
– CDs aligned with different curricula, are available for use in class or in the library.
-The curriculum and the instructional plan focus on the active involvement of student in the learning process. It provides opportunities to explore and investigate new approaches in learning.

Map2-At AL-Bashaer School, there is an on-going assessment on a daily basis. The students’ production in terms of homework and class work are all graded then posted on the E-Connect System as an evaluation sheets.