Creative development

At Al Bashaer we provide opportunities for all children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of art, design and technology, music, movement, imaginative and role play activities.

 We offer your child a variety of creative materials with which to experiment initially, and later on with which to plan, design and produce representations of their world.

 We use percussion instruments to accompany taped music and songs and to explore rhythm and express emotion.

 We encourage your child to act out favourite stories.

 The key element of creative development that we encourage is:

•The ability tolookclosely observing detail.

•The ability tolistencarefully to distinguish sounds.

•The ability tothinkbefore doing in order to plan out a picture, decide on a suitable movement or choose the best resource for a task for example.

                  This area of development includes art, role play

  Ahmed is participating in our theme about Sudan


  Sudanese Male activity


Youssef enjoys sticking sequences on a Jabban template. Jaban teapots originate from Sudan


Jabban teapot


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creative development