It is my pleasure to welcome you to Albashaer Kindergarten department. We provide a welcoming, positive, supportive and stimulating learning environment: one where children feel secure, and confident. Furthermore, we recognize the fact that children develop at different rates and have different talents and aptituds. We offer our students an exceptional academic environment designed to cultivate the intellectual as well as the emotional development of our students.  Our faculty are dedicated professionals who care, support and teach every child based on the underlying principles that “Happy Students Learn”. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the kindergarten school office to schedule an appointment.

Mrs.Ghada Aly,

Academic Coordinator

Our Academic Program:

Our academic curriculum relies heavily on play-based learning approach. Our students make use of both indoor and outdoor locations. Playing in both open and closed areas provides an environment for our younger students to interact comfortably, to express themselves openly and confidently, and to eagerly satisfy their natural curiosity. We look forward to our exciting educational journey together!!!

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